Can Web 2.0 Change Behavior?

The mark of a truly great technology is that it changes the way mainstream consumers live their lives. I am a big believer in social media, but I wonder how long it will be before its utility reaches beyond the young and early adopters.

I can think of a lot of consumer devices that have done that. PCs, cell phones, Blackberries, iPods, and digital cameras are all devices that have crept into our lives over the last 15-20 years and now they are ubiquitous. Today, just about every teenager I see has a cell phone in hand and if they are walking alone, chances are they are texting a friend.

Certain web-based applications have had that kind of an impact, too. Email and eCommerce are the two that jump to mind. I have a college friend who is resolutely resisting email, and I can honestly say that he is the only adult I know that is not accessible via email. And eCommerce. When was the last time you called an airline to make a reservation?

Web 2.0 is still young and there are more people on the outside looking in than there are people who are living their lives differently as a result. Yes, many are blogging, though according to Forrester fewer than 5% of adults blog. And many of us are using RSS readers to personalize our information feeds, yet despite the power and simplicity that Google, Yahoo! and others have provided, it’s still a fringe phenomenon. LinkedIn is certainly making a mark, and more and more adults are experimenting with platforms like Facebook and Digg, but when will they change the way mainstream consumers live their lives?

I have a point of view, but would love to hear what you think.

One Response to Can Web 2.0 Change Behavior?

  1. mark jones says:

    Dear John
    I found you on Twitter.
    I am trying to tell moms (and parents) about my web CBT PhD at a children’s hospital which is now being used by moms for ADHD and other issues. The mom’s stories are very moving see below.
    Applications for this system are large ranging from cancer support, needle issues, ADHD, Autism, bulling, relaxing and helping children to study etc.
    I would really like to know how I can get the product better known in the USA.
    You can see more information and references at the web site:

    “Each Dr Jones’ Animal Agent teaches different stress-management and coping skills.
    Children do not understand ‘how’ to relax on demand, but through playing with the web based Animal Agentz, they learn such techniques and can repeat them in stressful situations. Your child will remember the actions and behaviours of Bubbles, Yo-Yo and the other Agentz and use them when they need to remain calm”

    As one mum said “If you say to a child relax it means nothing to them but if you let your child play with the Animal Agentz “fish” (breathing skills) and then say to the child what did the fish do?
    Then I found him acting out the fish and becoming relaxed”
    I am every year at the in USA.
    The product is free to very ill children with a doctor’s note.
    Awareness of Animal Agentz.
    We (“I” but I have to say “we” due to the funding body) are a new company launching a web-based product based on Dr Jones PhD on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for children at Great Ormond’s Street Hospital for Children (medical suppor/ ref on the web site) After a long period of time the product is finally “live” on-line. The support from moms has always been tremendous.
    The applications for the product are wide and range from blood tests (based on research in hospitals), educational issues which include examination stress, ADHD, bullying and helping children in their everyday environment.
    We have the support of medical staff (UK & USA) and underwent an independent study on what mothers think about the product. This has all been very positive and we have found many new applications for Animal Agentz. We also have a published medical study.
    I would be grateful for your advice or any suggestions you may have with regard to the most effective route to let people know we exist or persons to talk to in the USA (parent groups, editors, bloggers on child issues, PTA etc). Currently the product only works on broadband.
    We do not have any funding for marketing and our original fund has run out so we need to make this product sell to support future medical research for issues surrounding asthma, autism, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease, child mental health and cancer support. We have highly qualified people who know that Animal Agentz can significantly help the quality of children’s lives.
    Please contact me for a demonstration of the production and further information or check out the website
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,
    When we recently conducted an independent trial of our product, we found parents had many more applications for which they used Animal Agentz.
    The Animal Agentz behaviours are as follows:
    Breathing skills; taught by a fish
    Stretching skills; taught by a dog
    Distraction skills; taught by a cat
    Guided imagery skills; taught by a monkey
    Positive self statements; taught by a lion
    The parents applied these behaviours in new ways to help their child.
    Always ask your doctor how best to use Animal Agentz.
    Responses from independent research:
    “This is perfect and what me and my family have been waiting years
    for. My 9 yr old has A.D.H.D and presents behavioural difficulties.
    His biological father rejected him a yr ago and this hasn’t helped,
    his self esteem is very low and finds making new friends very
    stressful. The local social services tell me he needs therapy like
    this but are unable to provide it! I am having to pay a private
    therapist to help my son so when this comes in which I know would
    benefit many parents that I email, talk to etc then I can guarantee at
    least 15 sales for definite….where do I order!!!! Great idea and
    very user friendly, fab idea and so much needed for the 21st century
    where many children face daily struggles with little or no help and so
    they suffer. I am in 100% support of this stimulating and so much
    needed idea!” Mrs Garvey, East Yorkshire
    “I did these exercises with my daughter; she loved them and wants to
    play again.” Mrs Rogers, Plymouth
    “This product is excellent and would also be beneficial to children
    with disorders such as ADHD. It would also be a great intro DVD for
    children who are about to be admitted to hospital as there was nothing
    like this about when my son had to go in for a heart op and it would
    have helped him no end.” Miss Gooch, Norwich
    “I think it’s an extremely good idea.”Mrs Hirst, Eastbourne
    “Whilst doing this survey my son who is 7 and a type 1 diabetic came
    to watch and listen of his own accord; he really liked it.” Ms Halden,
    West Midlands
    “Great idea as it is.” Miss Hartley, Lancashire
    “I looked at the video with my 6 yr old and she loved it.” Mrs Reeves, Norfolk
    “This would be well received in schools.” Mrs McFadden, Antrim
    “Responses from independent research conducted by Mum’sViews Ltd”

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