Waiting for iPhone Nano

My enthusiasm for Apple products is no secret.  Apple’s worldwide share of the personal computer market is still under 4%, but a shocking 28% of visitors to SchoolPulse are using Macs.  With the iPhone phenomenon accelerating, we’ve been testing the iPhone here at SchoolPulse.  Gotta be ahead of the wave if you’re gonna ride it, right?

There’s no question that the iPhone is a thing of beauty.  The hardware design and user interface are amazing and the device is really more computer than mobile phone.  I won’t bore you with our analysis since plenty of other bloggers are already writing about it, but I have decided to stick with my Blackberry Pearl.  Why?  Although it’s not nearly as sexy, it’s still smaller, lighter, and fits in my pocket more comfortably.

I’m waiting for the iPhone Nano which is rumored to be coming in October and is sure to accelerate the iPhone craze.


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