Stories by Candlelight

My posts typically deal with the fairly weighty challenges facing American families – communication, scheduling, education, balance – with a social media spin.  Tonight, I’m taking a lighter approach with a practical idea to help you bring your chaotic family day to a close.

Do your kids ever want to go to bed?  Mine do not.  Tonight, rather than fight the usual fight, I headed upstairs with a lighted candle to find my two pajama-clad youngsters.  Candle in hand, I silently entered the room where they were playing, turned off the light, and announced quietly, “time for stories by candlelight.”  They immediately set aside their game, we set the candle on a stool in the middle of the room, and we each took a turn telling a story (and I captured some of it on my Flip Video).  It was a very smooth transition to bedtime.


One Response to Stories by Candlelight

  1. kerry says:

    that was realy nice great story have her keep up the good should wright down her story and have he keep adding to it and see what you ccome up with.could be interesting….

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