The American Dream is Back!

img_00082The networks just declared Barack Obama as winner of the presidential election.  This is a watershed moment for America, with power shifting from the previous generation to the next generation.  The most encouraging aspect for me is the turnout of young voters, including all the elementary, middle, and high school students who were involved in mock debates and elections.

All three of my elementary-aged kids had the chance to vote for president yesterday.  The result in our school was directionally accurate – 376 votes for Obama vs. 89 votes for McCain – and reflects the enthusiasm our kids feel for this dynamic new president.  Whether you supported McCain or Obama, you can’t understate the impact this election will have on our kids and their perception of what this country stands for.

img_915240% of the “millennial generation” – kids born between 1977 and 1995 – are minorities.  For years we have heard about a growing wealth gap, low performing inner city schools, and a variety of glass ceilings that have stubbornly refused to be broken.  This election will restore the idea of the American Dream.

This morning I brought my two older kids to our polling place to give them the chance to participate in the making of history.  They couldn’t vote, but they had the chance to see our democracy in action.  I hope it is a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

4 Responses to The American Dream is Back!

  1. Mike says:

    You’re kidding right? The American Dream is back? The American Dream never left. ANYONE and I mean anyone has more opportunity in this country than ANY country in the world.

  2. tracey says:

    It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Our kids will grow up not really understanding exactly how big of a deal this is…

  3. Eric Ayrault says:

    The Dream is back– or at least I’m feeling in sync with it again for the first time in many years. The energy in the high school I teach at has been incredible, and I’ve been there for more elections than I care to admit… American flags all over, kid generated… pride without chauvinism… hmmm…

  4. jessica chittim says:

    I’ma hairdresser and had the unique opportunity to ask a variety of people how they felt about the then upcoming election. I asked my 93 year old customer about the election saying” how the press had really hyped up the election.” She was quick to point out that this election was unlike any election she had EVER seen. How special she felt to be able to witness it. ( it wasn’t just because of his skin color either.) I hope that the new generation will make sure to hold all the new elects accountable to the statements they made before the election

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