On the Road Again

May 11, 2008

Crazy mothers’ day weekend.  My wife left Friday afternoon for a spa weekend with 5 college girlfriends.  The 5 of us who stayed behind — my four young kids and I — had one of those crazy busy weekends.  A t-ball game, a baseball game, another baseball game, a mothers’ day breakfast with my mom, church, a baptism for my neice, a baseball practice, and another t-ball game… Totally frantic but fortunately, alot of fun.  Late today, after Johanna got back, I was able to take my first real bike ride of the season.  The weather was perfect — sunny, not too hot — and it felt so sweet to be out on the road again…

Any cyclists out there?  I ride with a group called the Monsters.  Come along if you live in the Boston area.